Astrology Insights

Full Moon in Gemini

Seasons Greetings Earth Fam,  I hope that Scorpio season treated you well. On a personal level this last season was deeply introspective, transformative, and somewhat depressive if I am being honest. I find that deep moments of change tend to stir the pot of anxiety, frustration, and discomfort that we as humans work so hard…

Aries New Moon

Hello Starlings! Happy April and blessed New Moon in Aries! We are celebrating this New Moon with a lot of fire, passion, and primordial energy as I am sure you can feel. This year has been potent in its deep teachings of the astrological mandala and the uniqueness of each sign so far due to…

Olivia, creator and founder of Deeply Dimensional, began her journey studying Astrology in 2002 out of an interest that seemed to have been passed down from a previous life. Olivia is excited to share her insights and interpretations of the divine celestial dance and focuses the teachings on highlighting the most beneficial aspects to your self discovery!

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