Sacred Pleasure

We deserve pleasure

and healthy, sustainable, and body safe products at that!

I am all about feeling good. As sacred beings our sexuality is a bridge to absolute divinity. It’s easy to fall into the “get it done” mindset. Everything in life is so fast and instant gratification rules us. When I started down the path of using these sacred tools, carved from literal earth magic like Rose Quartz and Obsidian, everything shifted. I was no longer in a race to achieve orgasm. I was inspired to take my time, learn and explore my body, and experiment with what feels good to me. Sacred Sexuality is one of the core foundations that will change your life, along with fitness, nutrition, and sustainable practices. Check out the link about to explore the only company I trust to purchase my sacred pleasure toys and practice tools. It’s important to not only shop at ethical businesses, but also companies that care about the highest quality products for your sacred centers.

Products I am obsessed with
  • Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set
  • Rose Quartz Wand
  • The Glow Kit
  • Shemana Heart Activation
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