November Bootcamp!

Starting November 30, I’m inviting you to get back to basics with my favorite Virtual Barre program! I am personally excited to reignite my passion with Ballet and Yoga and am looking forward to the added grace this program inspires throughout the day-to-day.

This program not only focuses on Barre, but personal development, meditation, and nutrition. With a solid morning routine all this can be completed within 60 minutes at the beginning of your day. Giving myself 60 minutes at the start of each day is what changed my life when it came to feeling healthy, centered, and grounded. You are your main priority but sometimes life requires you in other places most of your day, such as taking care of kids, a partner, family, or work. This program is designed to not take up too much of your day yet still give you maximum impact in changing your life. You will be given a guide to a healthy and complete morning routine, as well as a curated nutrition program so that you can obtain the best results.

Barre is a program that is designed to be a map of navigating life’s challenges, and incorporates positive mindset and daily affirmations into each workout so that you can sweat out doubt and infuse your body mind with high vibrations.

Barre is the perfect program to start incorporating into your life as we approach holiday season, as it’s so easy to fall off our center and start indulging in bad habits like stress eating and drinking. Barre will ignite a feel good attitude while firing up your booty so your health is a holistic practice that not only makes you feel amazing, but look good while doing it.

I am so excited to share this life changing program with you! When you’re ready to sign up email me at or reach out to me on instagram @deeplydimensional

I cannot wait to hear from you, and share more what this program has to offer! Until then, may your life be happy, healthy, and abundant!

Published by Olivia Quimby

Navigating what has become a cluster***k of the chaotic universe through love, mysticism, and humor.

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