Let it go…

Lately, it has seemed the world is upside down and I am walking on my hands. I find extra effort in knowing which way is foreward. I lean into tarot and crystals more, ignoring the actual work that needs to be done to achieve true freedom. Release.

Keep adding more.

More knowledge. More truth. More things. More clothes and classes and books and people.

What about what we have? Is it enough? And may we let go of what we don’t need?

Why is it so CHALLENGING. Do we feel like we may need it in the future? Jealous of what someone else will have once we let it go? “Well, it was mine first”…

That book you only read one chapter of… GET RID OF IT. “But what if I need it?” – you won’t.

Clothes that you “like” but never wear. Wear it or give to one of your beautiful radiant friends.

How many friends do you have? Can you text all of them and have a full conversation without feeling overwhelmed? If not… maybe eliminate some…stop adding more….

Not to be a jerk, I am all for loving people and having deep relationships, but how can you truly go deep if you are so distracted?

I think if I can let go and stop trying to get more, then the path will clear and I can move forward… right? Then I will see how to fall onto my feet and stand. Clutter is messy. But how do I get rid of it?


~A contemplation to force the clutter out of my head


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