Sacred Boundaries

Setting Sacred Boundaries

June 6, 2018

The month of June is all about developing sacred boundaries.

When I hear the word boundaries, immediately I jump to  the connotation of hard, cold, isolated within self constructed walls. My emotional body tenses up and fear knots in my stomach. I imagine a hermit renouncing the world to reside in the realm of the mind.

Boundaries are a foreign concept to me. I never had them, and the result has been a lot compromising and suffering resulting from the overtly open personality I dawned, warped to the space I am in now; BURNT OUT.

But experiencing all of this and objectively looking at the situations currently playing out, it is quite obvious that lack of boundaries sets one up in the realm of cold, hard, isolated wall.

Setting boundaries is not easy. The fear of setting boundaries, saying no, is enough to send an empathic person running to the hills. But why? It appears some find it easy, they do it with confidence and self-respect. This is an admirable quality and something worth working on to incorporate more naturally into the daily vibe. This month I am going to dive deeper into developing patterns that show case healthy boundary setting, but what does that look like?

To me, it looks like returning to a writing practice, showering and drinking tea after work instead of jumping into conversation or work emails, drinking water instead of immediately helping the next customer, phone calls to the family, ceremony, and sweet indulgent self care rituals involving decadent essential oils and massage oil. Boundaries look like time blocking and sticking to it. Boundaries look like saying no when you are not really feeling it. Boundaries look like asking for help because you know your body and mind need it. Boundaries look like speaking from the heart. Boundaries feel like taking a deep breath.


The herbal medicine this month is lavender. The stone is selenite. I welcome these potent energies into the vibrational pattern for cleansing divinity and peaceful surrender.

Lavender is the essence of communication and calm. Lavender allows a comfortability in expressing yourself and can release built up tension and constriction from withholding thoughts/feelings. Emotional honesty and courage pour from the lavender plant into the hearts and lungs of those open to receive.
The New Moon in Gemini approaches to blow off the steam of fiery full moon in Sagittarius with Venus moving into Leo just hours after the New Moon shift. This will allow us to set deep intentions of who we want to be, and what roles we are ready to shed for some summertime lightness. OM MANI PADME HUM.


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