No one reads my blog so why not…

I have decided to post my health and wellness challenge through my blog because maybe I will be more accountable, maybe it will help others see the quality in essential oils and my business, maybe I will look back in ten years and be shocked. Also I don’t use this page enough and I paid for it so why not…

First things first… the current sitch.
My loving, amazing partner Matthew left for deployment yesterday, on a voyage for only god knows how long and of course I am feeling sad. My first instinct (after sobbing and loosing my favorite necklace that was the pair to his in the ocean while watching the ship pilot away – yes, dramatic, story to come later), was to CRACK OPEN THAT BOTTLE OF BOOCH CRAFT, LIGHT UP SOME WEEEEEED (I don’t even smoke, but hey pass that bowl), and sleep all day while watching netflix documentaries about penguins.
That way is going to the high way. Because it is 2018 blah blah… No! Because I’m treating myself better than that! I am loving myself more than that! I am ready to rise up.

SO what will I do? Public humiliation obviously.

Just kidding.

I want to inspire you! and myself. I want to be held accountable and love myself proper, just like Matthew did when he was here. Why… just because the man I love is gone…. would I allow the love to go with him?

So here it is… the starting moments.

Weight: 138
Height: 160.02cm
Chest: 83.82cm
Waist: 71.12cm
Hip: 82.55cm
Left Bicep: 26.67cm
Right Bicep: 26.04cm
Left Thigh: 48.90cm
Right Thigh: 49.53cm

And the photos… Oh God… hello weight watchers…

First is me with the date today to prove this is real life. Second is front view, third is side.
I am not saying I am fat, but posture is off, bloating exists, and lack of muscle is obvious. I want to change to be looking healthy and feeling healthier.

Currently I have been exhausted, un-interested in anything, not practicing yoga like I used to, and eating poor (ahem ahem pizza). I was on a beautiful vegan life before this and with stress, holidays, and sadness I spiraled out to a strange space! So here is to an upgrade in the spaceship to an upgrade in life.

Products I have decided to use as of today: doTERRA Serenity for the stress, doTERRA Zendocrine for the organ detox, Vegan Life Long Vitality (might only do half dose as this is my first time trying them out… super stoked!), TerraGreens (20% off this month!), Frankincense obviously for everything from skin to mood to neck and shoulder relief, Aromatouch and deep blue for heavy workout days. More to come once I start playing!

My goal is to do a little daily hiccup here about all that I am working on and experiencing. Emotional benefits, physical, spiritual… all the good stuff.

In Yoga I intend to work on balance this month! WHOOOOT

If you would like to join me let us do this together, today is the last day to sign up for doTERRA’s Slim and Sassy competition (my inspiration). If you don’t make it by midnight I will be hosting my own little gift away (will post about it tomorrow for all those who didn’t make sign ups today).

If you are not already a member of doTERRA I can help you out, reach out to me at or just go directly to my page at . These products are the best as you will see in my transformation these next few weeks.

All my love

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