Magical Money

Yesterday I was having high stress over financials. Bills, bills, San Diego Library overdue fees (thanks again…..), future planning, and holidays. To me it seems we have patterns of having to “pay up” all at once, and no this is not because of neglect. I found it is the way it works. But why?

Another interesting occurrence is that most of my friends are experiencing the same thing at the same time.. Are we all having money troubles? Where does the support of another factor in rising us up?

I don’t really want to call it troubles, but what else could we use for vocabulary? Confrontations, hurdle, wall?

Either way, the universal energy is asking us to pay up around the season of giving and it can become quite the inner turmoil on our own inner peace as well as the peace we contribute to our relationships. I know there is a solution to turning this energy up, and allowing prosperity to rain down, and I intend to uncover it.

Here I have presented my own practices for healing of this root chakra energy. Maybe they will resonate, maybe you’ll think I’m bat-shit. Either way… it is worth a shot right?

Step one to Prosperity:
Pay off all debt as soon as possible. Yes this can be hard but you must remove the fall out debris! When I pay anything off, I am consciously thinking “I am clearing the way for financial prosperity to flow through me”. As soon as I had all that was possible payed off (ahem sorry college debt) a check I didn’t know was coming appeared downstairs from doTERRA. pheww

Step two to Prosperity:
Honor your abundance and prosperity. When I make any amount, no matter how small I honor it by placing it on my altar with a beautiful shell or crystal and a moment of gratitude. You will be surprised how powerful this is. I usually leave it there for a day or so.

Step three to Prosperity:
Mantras of prosperity. I practice the 108 Lakshmi chants as often as I feel, sometimes twice a day. Not with the intention to “make the money” but with the intention to love my work and to trust in divine order that all is good and well. If hindu chants are not your jive, I am enjoying the Tony Robbins “I love money and money loves me” as well to heal my relationship to monetary income and to not be attached to the idea that all wealthy people are evil (they are not) and to find a healthy relationship with that cash flow. BY THE WAY true love is unattached, and equal in healing and benefiting. It is not obsessive, controlling, or manipulative. Keep those aspects in mind when thinking this phrase.

Step four to Prosperity:
How are you handing out your money? Is it conscious? or mindless? When I make a payment I do my best to pay in physical cash and I fold the bills with both ends facing me and think “this money will flow out of me, to my friend, and then return in ten, one hundred, or more times by the grace of the universe”. If I cannot pay in cash I think the same phrase when paying in plastic. It might be a little bit defined as “OCD” but really it is not as you’re not becoming obsessed with this, just becoming more conscious. It is time we train ourselves to work in ABUNDANCE (Latin root is “to flow to”)

Step five to Prosperity:
An energetic binding I occasionally practice for income, if interested feel free to reach out and I will supply recipe.

By practicing more conscious behavior with our finances, and even invoking a little bit of magic spells, we can heal the relationship we have with ourselves and our prosperity.

Why become stressed out by the game when we can just play?

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