Creating Spaces in San Diego


Finding your purpose is a broad and scary  mindset to have, where as taking the next step in your path is a little more graspable.

On July 5, 2017 I decided to take the plunge into what I want to share with the world.. Yoga Teacher Training. This is a summer immersive program that is every day 9-4:30 and then some including meditation classes, observations, yoga classes and mentorship meetings. On top of the hours invested, emotions arise and flood over, leaving us all feeling one hundred percent washed.

It is not the easiest thing I have ever done, and I have observed past traumas that I thought I came to terms with overfill my sacral chakra, or svadhisthana, and challenge… Basically my mental health.

Gratefully I am blessed with the most amazing yoga family, beautiful new partner, and supportive friends and family. As well as the frequent exposure to the random magical energies that take form in secret pockets of San Diego.


(Photo of Sleep Bedder in North Park, set up to play Jazz!)

Today is Sacred Sunday, a day intended to bring peace forth to the mind for the next week, and to connect to the inner source of love. I am spending my time listening to amazing Jazz music at the “most lit” mattress store in North Park, and possibly the world .. Sleep Bedder. It is also Sonia’s, the wonderful owner, birthday. So lots of yummy organic treats like vegan cheese from People’s coop in Ocean Beach….

This amazing vortex is host to music medicine, organic mattresses, home brewed kombucha and kava, and heady crystals. Basically a deep cerimonial playground for the community.


Plus you can lounge on the amazing organic mattresses and have your senses filled with melodies, aromatherapy, and incense.. Truly one of the coolest centers.

(Me in my chill space, the area where the Kava Bar is set up at night, and some local San Diego art)

This is what life is about, spaces the provide you with support to be yourself and meet like minded individuals. It is my safe haven when I need to relax and center, especially in this turbulent time of love, learning, and purification.

If you’re in the San Diego area come check out Sleep Bedder this Friday the 21 for an awesome party, kombucha, and good loving. We can set intentions for this powerful New Moon to come into culmination on the twenty third, which will guide us into the solar eclipse moon… Powerful stuff going on family.

If you’re not from here, where do you go to get inspired? Can you start to cocreate an environment like this? Do you need help, ideas, or connection? Shoot me an email, let’s talk, let’s love..

Having so much to say I will leave it at this… I love you.

that says it all.



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