The Sweet, Motherly New Moon


The Cancerian New Moon.

Wow, as if new moons were not drowning enough. Leaving us in a state of darkness and new beginnings that can sometimes be frightening, cancer energy is high emotional water.

What I have found this new moon, began this morning when I awoke. I sleep on a yoga mat on a wooden floor with some blankets and usually I am fighting this. The inner child princess in me screams “this isn’t fair! I deserve a bed” and spirit replies “well, you decided to travel the world and spend all of your savings, just make it work with love. I love you. I am here for you”. But this morning I awoke with a sense of deep acceptance and true gratitude. I am always full of thanks, but today it was a motherly thank you that sweetly woke me up five minutes before the yoga class I wanted to go to started.

Peacefully I decided to try the sister studio of the North Park one I have been attending, in Normal Heights. The walk was sweet and I saw a beautiful pink house which I desire to live in and paint the surrounding earth with succulents and cacti and roses…

imageAlready a little painted, but I will go bigger.

Today I also decided to return to school, to satisfy my craving for knowledge on psychology and physics. I rose up today.

The energy of this new moon was very much seeing where I am lacking and reacting with love and care and support as well as determination.

I also reached out to my parents today, my father specifically. Having a relationship with them has been a huge theme in my life since 2012, but my ego was too high to act upon it. Recently, probably with the help of yoga and focusing meditation on ‘self-worth’, I have decided to tell the higher energies “I AM READY TO ACCEPT ALL OF THE SWEETNESS, LOVE, AND ADVENTURE LIFE HAS TO OFFER. I AM READY TO HUMBLY ACCEPT ALL OF THE ASSISTANCE YOU HAVE FOR ME, AND TO ALLOW THE EXCESS TO FLOW THROUGH ME TO EVERYONE I TOUCH”.

Very mother esq energy today. Thank you spirit. I still feel ego flowing out, and occasional anger. But can consciously speak to that inner child who is begging for attention to say “I love you”.

Speaking of mothers! One of my sisters has given birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby Aya! Kaila and Dean and Aya! I love you all so so so much! I wish you the best of luck and love and blessings on this new journey together! I know it will be magical!

Kai is an amazing singer and played in a band called The Dubba Dubs, from Arcata, California. Please go support her and the band by purchasing her online CD called Seed! Here is one of the songs that make me cry in love..

I can’t do a beautiful link because I am using a phone, but click it anyway.

I am off to partake and help with a sound healing cacao ceremony for this new moon.

Set your intentions, clear the energy of the past, and be both the mother and the child.

Thank you for holding space,

O Moon Rose

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