The Summer Solstice


Finally, the longest day of the year.

This summer season is pending love, heat, and lusty swims in the deep ocean. I feel it coming.

So what will you do to welcome this beautiful season of the Northern Hemisphere?

Kapalabhakti breath? (breath of fire) This fire-breathing helps release toxins, and to stroke the inner spiritual and energetic fire that fuels us all. This is a nice way to begin the day. You can check this link out for guidance.

Maybe you will pick flowers and make a bouquet to welcome the sun into your home? Take a stroll by the beach. Create a fire to finally burn away all of the spring transition and the remnants of the cold winter we may be holding onto.

Today is all about fire and burning. YES! I am a firefly, and I hope you are as well. Who doesn’t love to see the world burn, it is so beautiful.

Take a moment to thank the sun for spending so much time with us today and calling in the magical, transformative energies of summer. Burning us with passion and energy and vital solar plexus energy.

If you study the Native American Medicine Wheel, you know that summer represented through fire, the color yellow, the south, and the serpent. “In one of the best-known Pueblo ceremonies, early 20th century Hopi dancers perform with a swarm of snakes to honor the serpent deities and insure abundant rainfall” (The Spirit World, The American Indians, also image)


woo-hoo. Bring on the rain to San Diego magical Rainbow Serpent! (but lets not get over zealous and keep the sun around like 95 percent of the time…)

Maybe you wanna dance a bit, with friends or alone… here is a good album from amazing Australian band, Sticky Fingers. It’s a great beachy/reggae esq genre to kick off your summer too, I am confidant in their super powers to get you to jam.

No matter what you do, please take a moment to say “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHH SUMMER!”

Much love and magic on this incredible day, I hope it flows smoothly for you, that you dance with the spirits of this precious dimension, and feel the burning of your chest.


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