The First One

I have finally taken the plunge.

Ever since I can remember, I have always made wild decisions based on ill supported “signs”. This simple fact about my personality has been the main reason I have been suggested to do this “blog thing” since I was fifteen. I guess when you make a decision to move from California to Costa Rica based on a toilet paper wrapper in a Motel 6 bathroom that read ‘Envision’, later to move from Costa Rica to Guatemala because of the number 333, your mind becomes intriguing.

I have fallen deeply in love with life. Some days are wild highs. Others; plummeting lows that cause me to question if I can crawl myself out of this one.

I just rode the wave of high success and am shapeshifting at the trough preparing for the next high ride.

It probably would have been nice to have this blog when I was sailing South East Asia or backpacking and hitchhiking Thailand,  even pulling a two foot parasite worm out my ass from drinking the tap water in San Marcos, Guatemala… but I’m not one for showing up to the party on time, just at the right time. For this girl, the right time is when I have high speed internet and a library with public computers I can use for one hour a day. Does that mean I have to draft before?

Maya Angelou wrote about her first time reading in a writers guild in New York City. She said it was horrifying and she was shaking the entire time. Also that her piece was bland. Well, I may not have that much pressure but I know I will look back on this one day and think “wow… you put this out there, hey”.

Maybe no one will read this but maybe someone will, and if you’re reading this and you are not future Olivia, thanks for the shot. I hope I can entertain you a little bit. Maybe you will enjoy my random recipes for holistic food and medicine. Maybe you will enjoy a poem, or an awkward situation I am in. Maybe you’re one of my boyfriends trying to learn about my other boyfriends. In that case; sorry, I meant to tell you.

But what is all of this for? Why think that my mind is important?

Do you establish routines in your life? For example, do you usually sleep in the same place on your bed? Eat meals at the same time? Regularly return to the same vacation spot?

Well I don’t. So this is why and what happens when I don’t and maybe this writing will become a routine because I invested money from my credit card on it (dangerous game, Bank of America, dangerous game)… It will most likely be as erratic as I am. Sometimes posting 3 times a day, other times you will wonder if maybe I died. That is, if you’re reading.

That is why this is important. My ego calls for it.

My ego.

You will hear that a lot. I usually like to replace I or my with my ego.

It is fun and gives you a great perspective on life and yourself. Your ego. Oh once I start I cannot stop.

Well this is the first one so I will just end it like this because everything is an experience.

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